Entree Salads

We are proud to announce that we have reformulated our salad dressings to promote the Mediterranean Diet. What is the Mediterranean Diet? The Mediterranean Diet promotes a well-balanced healthy diet by reducing the saturated fats found in processed oils. Our new formulation is made of pure canola, pure peanut and pure olive oils, delivering the same great flavor that DeAngelo’s salads have become famous for.

What’s the difference in flavor? Absolutely none! They are simply delicious.

All of our dressings are homemade daily. We use the best pure grated Pecorino romano cheese, fresh cut romaine, and 16 varieties of the most tender greens for our mixed greens salads.

Your salad is prepared when you order it.


Crisp romaine lettuce tossed in our creamy dressing of olive oil, Pecorino romano cheese, garlic and lemon topped with sliced, toasted almonds.



Insalata Sampler

An excellent opportunity to sample our salads & enjoy the unique flavor of our Sensation, Asiago Caesar and DeAngelo salads.